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Computer has little hiccups (freezes for a moment)

Recently, my computer has been having occasional moments where it freezes for a small moment, usualy less then a second.  It usually happens when the computer is starting up, or when I'm playing Crysis.  I still get great fps from crysis but there are just some points where it just freezes for a bit.  It didn't use to do this, i've had this computer about 2 months ago.  The cpu temps are no different, do you think its maybe dust in the computer, or I should defrag or something?

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Re: Computer has little hiccups (freezes for a moment)

I would update all your spyware, spamware, antivirus, etc. and then run them all and see what that does.


It could also be something else you've installed running, maybe look at your cpu resources and see how hard the cpu is running and even look for a momentary spike that pops up once in a while.




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Re: Computer has little hiccups (freezes for a moment)

Yeah, possibly an automatic update caused it (I never run them, I always do it manually) A little nasty trojan maybe got on board? A long shot, but one I've seen, is a loose connection (hardware) Open the case and just check everything. I'd do that and what Bow said. BTW, is it repeatable? Can you almost tell when it's going to happen? Certain things you're doing, certain times in the game? (Think things like sound card drivers)

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Re: Computer has little hiccups (freezes for a moment)

I had those exact symptoms in the turned out to be corrupted video drivers. You may want to try a reinstall of the latest nvidia drivers and see if that solves it

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Re: Computer has little hiccups (freezes for a moment)

im actually having this exact same problem with my laptop, it started about a month ago and i thought it would disapear after a fresh install of win 7 but so far no luck.  on a side note, it does not seem possible to download and install my chipset drivers for win7 from intels site.  Though I was having the same problems with xp with the chipset drivers installed.

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Re: Computer has little hiccups (freezes for a moment)

Are you sure about the cpu temps?  It sounds like your comp is overheating.  If you can, clean out the interior of your case with compressed air (especially focusing on your cpu heatsink).  Perhaps clean off the old and re-apply new thermal goop on your cpu.

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