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Field Marshal
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Common FS, get social!

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I never thought I'd be the one cheerleading for social media but these are cool resources that help you connect better with your friends in the community and with the site itself.  If you haven't already, I encourage everyone to Like us on FB, join the Steam group, and follow the Twitter feed.





Regular Infantry
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Re: Common FS, get social!

Eh, I dont really network socially. Not my thing.....
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Re: Common FS, get social!

I think I'm part of the steam group but hardly ever use steam. Facebook and twitter can suck it!
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Re: Common FS, get social!

Despite concerns about linking my real identity with this online persona in anything that Google can see, I believe I am following us on both Twitter and FS.... and I created the Steam group so I'm automatically on there :-)

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