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New Build w/pics Project Bloo!

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I had planned on doing a total unboxing and build feature, however the camera I was initially using refused to save all but one of the pictures. I began using my phone later in the build since I could actually preview what I was taking pictures of. Glad I did! I managed to save a few pictures, so I'll share those with you guys instead.  


This build was much tougher than my previous builds, due to the vast amount of different things I installed, plus figuring the case out. The case itself was a labyrinth of metal and neat options. That said, let's jump right in. 


The Case: One case to rule them all...


Corsair Obsidian Series 800D 



This case is enormous. And when I say that, I can't really do it any justice. It's simply something you need to see in person. And it's size definitely translates to weight. Almost need two people to go anywhere with it. These are highly irrelevant complaints when it comes down to it though. This case is jam packed with features. The first I enjoyed was the way the panels were removed. 



The two buttons on either top side are all that keeps the panels on. They are hooked to a metal bar with a few rivets that slide into notches on the tops of the panels. Simply press, pull the panel out a tad and pull it up and out. Viola! Easy, tool-less panel removal. The second feature I enjoyed was the motherboard panel. 



As you can see, easy access to the brackets holding your specific cooler on, should anything happen to it. This pictures also gives a good indication on how the cable management works. There is a good sized gap between the side panel and the case, and then dips here and there as well for more cavities to put your cables. Reading the reviews on Newegg, I learned that the case fans were likely not up to snuff. I replaced them with B-Gears ~103 CFM 140mm fans, black, and I've had no problems with heat so far. They definitely move air! 


I'll now talk about the things I didn't manage to get pictures of. 


The Processor: Sticking with the best.


Intel i7-2600K


I mulled over the option of going AMD FX-8150 Zambezi with a compatible motherboard and dual AMD 6950's for the Scorpius Platform, but upon realizing I was paying that much for the FX, I figured I could have a better CPU and the only sensible option seemed to be Intel once again. So far the chip is wonderful as expected. I haven't got too much gaming in yet, more on that to come. 


The Power Supply: Overkill!


Silverstone 1200w Strider Modular PSU


I'm sure I didn't need that much power, but the attractive option is the modular style system. I believe I removed 2 or 3 entire rails that were simply not needed, greatly assisting me in my cable management project. 


The Hard Drives: New ground.


Western Digital 750Gb 64Mb cache Caviar Black + Samsung 830 64Gb SSD


The other reason for sticking with Intel I appreciated was SSD caching with Z68 chipset motherboards. After some painful troubleshooting, I found that the 800D hot swap bays don't support the Samsung mounts. Ugh. Not necessary anyway. To be honest I could have simply plugged it in and let it hang from the data cable, since this thing is TINY. It's about the size of an iPhone, though not as thick, and is light as a feather. I actually ended up just rigging a spare SATA cable across the drive bay to support it. The SATA power cable limited my options. Whatever works, right?


The RAM: Rippin' jaws.


8Gb G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600


Not much to say here. Part of why I dubbed the project "Bloo." The RAM heatsinks are a pleasant blue color along with the mobo coolers, video cards, and the LED's I threw in there as well. 


The Motherboard: DOA?! Nope.


Asus P8Z68-V Gen3


Pretty standard LGA 1155 motherboard with all the bells and whistles. USB 3.0, PCI-e 3.0 support etc. Good looking board, shame I didn't get any pic of it since the camera failed. UGH.


Now on to the rest of the pics. 


The CPU Cooler: Below freezing!


Corsair H100 Liquid Cooling



Also in this picture is a G.Skill RAM cooler I put on there. Also bloo!  Not a necessary item, but it looked cool in system pics I saw and it was fairly cheap. As you can see with the H100 I used a push/pull configuration. The fans are Thermaltake with bloo LEDs, rated about something like 70ish CFM. This cooler kills it. I haven't felt any warm air coming out the case yet, and the CPU idles at around ~20-25c. No OCing yet. 


The GPU(s): Destroyer of games. 


2x HiS HD 6970 IcyQ



As you can see, the heatsink and fan shroud are pretty large. Typical box cutter for reference. 



It was surprisingly tricky to get those PSU cables on there, let me tell you. Almost didn't make it. Definitely should have tried to run them through the small holes in front there. Not sure the 8-pins would have fit though. As you can see, there is still a TON of space to go before they near the SATA panel for the hot swap bays. 


The Keyboard: Vengeance is MINE!


Corsair K90 Vengeance Mechanical 



So far so good with this one. I really don't have a thing for Corair, really. It looked like a nice keyboard and had all the options I was looking for and the feel is nice. Probably won't ever use the macro keys but it has media keys and is backlit and all that. The only really huge complaint I have so far is this ridiculous key by my windows key for editing text. I constantly hit it with my hand causing entire lines of text to go missing. That will be fixed next restart thanks to KeyTweak :smileyhappy: The construction is quite amazing. Metal backplate, lifted keys, comfortable wrist rest (screw secured), Cherry MX switches. Delicious. 


I think that just about covers everything. 


The Finished Product: Bloo sexy time. 



The LED sleeve is pretty nice. It looks great on the GPU shrouds and has 3 settings. Eventually I'll be axing that clearly in the open clip. *Cringe*


So far so good with everything. I'll be frapsing some games now that I'm starting to get my Steam catalog back in. Also coming are Diablo 3 impressions. Probably get a Futuremark run in as well. Still making sure everything is working as it should be. I'll get a better side picture as well, to show how clean everything looks inside. The case really paid for itself when it came to cable management. 


Any thoughts or questions, please share :smileyhappy: 

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Re: New Build w/pics Project Bloo!

That's a whole lot of blue!

Very kickass setup. I am most envious.
One day, I'll manage to build a system and manage to hide most of the cables. I have yet to do so.
Image Created by Indigo196
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Re: New Build w/pics Project Bloo!

[ Edited ]
Thank you sir! :smileyhappy: I'll be editing several blocks for redundancy and sentence structure. I did this posting last night, far too late into the morning hours so it's pretty lousy in the editing department. I'll also be adding unboxing pics of the Promedia 2.1s that arrived this afternoon.
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Re: New Build w/pics Project Bloo!

I went one under your rig. I have the Corsair Carbide 500R, Corsair H70 cooler, and planning on getting that Corsair keyboard. Nice setup! Corsair makes some very good products at great prices. 

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Re: New Build w/pics Project Bloo!

[ Edited ]
Thanks Sync! I couldn't pass up the CPU cooler at that price. Compared to traditional water cooling, it's a bargain, and it seems to do the job well enough so far. The real test will be when I start pumping volts into the CPU for overclocking later.

The keyboard is great so far. The wrist rest sits high enough so that the raised keys don't feel uncomfortable, and the construction is sublime. Metal backplate, screw-secured rest, non-glossy finish and of course the MX Cherry switches were all the attractive options I was into. I compared this to the Razer Blackwidow I believe it is, and I'm so glad I picked it. Corsair is really nailing its first time ventures, that's for sure.
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